Fruiticana donates $50,000 

to purchase much-needed equipment

for BC Children’s Hospital

During the month of March, all Fruiticana locations in BC were collecting donations to help BC Children’s Hospital purchase a much-needed Anesthesia Monitor.

Anesthesia monitors, which are attached to anesthesia machines, help to control and manage the delivery of drugs and ventilation to ensure a patient breathes properly.

“For our campaign this year, we wanted to help BC Children’s Hospital address a specific need”, says Tony Singh, President and CEO of Fruiticana. “So, when the Hospital Foundation approached us and I learned how this Anesthesia Monitor will help such young children, we were fully committed.”

“We are profoundly grateful for Fruiticana’s commitment to the health of children across BC,” says Teri Nicholas, President and CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. “By displaying vital information during surgery, the new Anesthesia monitor will ensure we continue to deliver the best possible care.”

BC Children’s Hospital sees over 86,000 patients of which over 12,000 are from the Surrey and Abbotsford areas.  Also, over 9,000 surgeries were performed on children with potentially life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Once again, we thank all our customers and supporters for your contribution during this years campign.